3 Signs Your Old Refrigerator Is Getting Ready To Die

If you have an old refrigerator that has been acting funny lately, you may wonder whether or not it is going to last much longer. If so, look for the following three signs that your old refrigerator is getting ready to break down. Food Inside The Refrigerator Sweats Normally, your refrigerator's compressor kicks on when the interior temperature gets to the level set by your thermostat. If this does not happen, the air temperature becomes warmer than that of the food inside, making condensation form on the food and the walls of the refrigerator.

How To Replace Dishwasher Door Panels

If  the door panel on your dishwasher is cracked, you don't have to buy a new unit. It is possible to replace the door. However, it is essential you buy an approved manufacturer replacement part.  You may have trouble finding  a replacement part for an older dishwasher. It is ideal to order direct from the manufacturer in the cases. Have the model number of your dishwasher ready when you order.