Signs Your New Refrigerator Is In Need Of Repairs

Even a new refrigerator will show signs of wear now and again. Your refrigerator shouldn't need immediate repairs, but if you try to store too many items in your refrigerator at once, use the wrong temperature settings, or store your refrigerator in a way that the unit can be damaged, you may have to do some repairs on the unit sooner than you'd like.

Here are signs your new refrigerator is in need of repairs. Refrigerator repair services can fix your refrigerator so it lasts longer.

There's water inside your fridge

Water leaking inside your newer refrigerator is a sign that the defrost drain is likely clogged. If you see lots of water pooling up on the shelves of your refrigerator or inside the crisper drawers within your refrigerator, then you have a minor refrigerator repair problem on your hands that your refrigerator repair services specialist can take care of for you. This is a relatively simple fix so the repair will take up mostly time: your refrigerator repair services specialist will clean out the defrost drain and reattach it so it no longer leaks inside your fridge.

Note: if there's water leaking under or outside your fridge, your repair needs are different and may be more extensive. Don't diagnose your fridge needs yourself; have refrigerator repair services assist you.

Your fridge is costing a lot of money to operate

Is your refrigerator affecting your energy bill every month? Your fridge may be costing a lot of money to operate because its coils in the back are constantly riddled with hair, dander, and debris. Your refrigerator may also be using more energy because the door is loose — often a result of putting too many items in your refrigerator door, weighing it down off its hinges.

Other causes of refrigerators costing too much to operate is having the thermostats set too low or possibly an issue with the actual motor within your refrigerator. Anytime your fridge starts acting up by overworking itself, you're in need of fridge repairs. These repairs can be done on-site by your refrigerator repair services specialist, who will give you a quote for services based on any replacement parts needed and the amount of labor involved.

A newer fridge can still need repairs from time to time. If your refrigerator is still under warranty, you may have fewer out of pocket costs, or you may have your refrigerator repairs covered if they are due to a manufacturing issue. Refer to your refrigerator owner manual to see if your appliance is still under warranty.