Is Your Hot Tub Due For Repairs? See The 3 Signs That Say So

The hot tub is one of the best appliances to invest in when you want added comfort in your home. After the initial installation, you need to handle the maintenance well and ensure that the tub stays clean, hygienic, and safe for use. Maintenance includes constantly checking the filters, chemical levels, and the cover and control panel to ensure that they are in ideal working condition. However, even with the best maintenance practices, your hot tub could still get damaged with time and need professional repairs. Here are three signs that it is time to repair your bathtub.

When the Hot Tub Has Unusual Smells

Your tub will get an unusual smell when it begins to develop problems. Foul odors inside your tub could indicate the presence of contaminants like nitrogen and pesticides. These are extremely harmful and can cause skin and eye infections. Your tub could also have unusual smells because of clogged and unclean drains and plumbing pipes. You should call in a competent appliance repair expert to troubleshoot the cause of the hot tub problem and handle it professionally.

When the Spa Keeps Leaking

It is sometimes hard to tell when a hot tub is leaking because of the constant water splashes from the spa. However, occasionally the tub will develop a leak and cause a lot of water damage. And by the time you realize it, the water damage is already aggravated. The leak can affect any side from the hot tub, the heat pump, and the heater. It is best to call in a repair expert as soon as you start suspecting a leak. A common telltale sign of a leaking tub is when your water bill skyrockets while you haven't added an appliance that uses water in your home. 

When the Tub Has Green or Black Water

Another indicator that your tub might have issues is when your water starts turning greenish. In some cases, the water could also turn black. Greenish water is an indication of a chemical imbalance. If the pH generally falls below seven or rises above eight, you may start to experience these issues. Call a professional to check the chemical composition of the water and repair any damages. If the chemical imbalance has caused problems to any of the hot tub components, contact a repair expert to fix it.

These are a few of the issues that will come up when your hot tub starts breaking down. It is advisable to hire an appliance repair expert to handle the repairs whenever the hot tub develops a problem. So contact an expert immediately your hot tub begins to malfunction and have them repair it for a functional and efficient tub. For more information, contact a hot tub repair service, such as The Spa Guys, to learn more.