Refrigerator Running Too Loud? 2 Things That May Be Wrong

Your refrigerator is not a silent appliance. If you hang out in or near your refrigerator at all, you will hear the refrigerator making some sounds throughout the day as the fans run and your ice maker pumps out new ice cubes. However, if your refrigerator is making a loud sound all the time, such as a loud buzzing sound, or a loud vibrating noise, that is not normal. If your refrigerator is making loud noises, one of the culprits below is probably behind the excessive sound you are hearing.

Thing #1: Your Refrigerator Just Isn't Level

One of the most simple and straightforward reasons your refrigerator seems to be making all that noise is because it is not level anymore. This can happen over time as your home settles, and the floor in your kitchen becomes a little uneven, so it can, in turn, make your fridge become a little uneven as well.

Luckily, this is an easy problem to fix. Most refrigerators are built with leveling legs, which are basically legs that you can adjust to account for uneven spots in the floor to ensure the fridge is sitting even. You'll need a wrench and a leveling tool to adjust the fridge. Set the leveling tool on top of the fridge, so you can check and see when the fridge is level. Use the wrench to adjust the height of each leg.

It is also generally recommended that you open the refrigerator door up halfway as you are leveling the fridge. When the fridge is level, in theory, your fridge door should swing closed when it is about halfway open.

Thing #2: Your Icemaker Isn't Working Properly

If you have an ice maker built into your refrigerator, you will hear it make a little noise as water runs up to the ice maker, and ice is made and released into the icemaker bin. However, the ice maker should not be making a big ruckus.

First, you need to check and see if your icemaker is actually making ice. If your ice maker is making a lot of noise but isn't making ice, water isn't getting to the ice maker. You will need to check the supply line, and it isn't frozen or disconnected from the fridge.

If the line is in-tact, you can try turning the water supply valve on and off and see if this starts the ice making process again. Or you can raise and lower the ice sensor arm to see if this triggers the production of ice again.

If neither of these options work, you need to bring in a professional appliance repair person to help figure out what is causing your icemaker to not work and make a lot of noise at the same time.

If your refrigerator is making a lot of unexplained noise, your fridge may not be level, or something may be up with your ice-maker. Your fridge could also have other issues as well, such as a damaged evaporator fan or motor. If you can't figure out what is causing your fridge to make so much noise, call in a professional to help repair your fridge. If you have more questions about your refrigerator repair, reach out to a company such as D& S  Appliance.