Three Common Clothes Washer Problems And Whether They Can Be Repaired

If your appliances are not working as they should, you should consider repair services before replacement. Many common appliance problems can be repaired inexpensively, helping to keep otherwise usable appliances functional and out of the landfill. However, not every issue can be repaired or is worth repairing. Here are three common washer repair problems and whether they can be repaired or not. 

The Washer Is Leaking

There are many reasons why a clothes-washing machine may leak. If you have a front-loading washer, the washing machine may leak if the seal around the door is broken. If your washing machine is leaking during the spin cycle, the drain hose (the hose that carries water from the washing machine) may have a crack. Both of these problems are easy and inexpensive to repair. Another common reason why a washer may be leaking is that the drain pump is not working. Unfortunately, this problem can be costly, so the age and condition of your washing machine should be considered before replacing this part. 

Rust Spots on Clothes

When you put clothes in the washing machine, you expect them to come out clean. The last thing you expect is for items to constantly come out with rust spots on them. If you see rust spots on your clothes, your washing machine likely has rust. This may be because the agitator or washing bin is rusted. Unfortunately, rust in a washing machine is challenging to remove and requires the rusted parts to be replaced. Unless your washing machine is newer, it will likely be easier to replace than repair. 

The Washer Won't Start

The last common problem you may have with your clothes-washing machine is that the washer won't start. There are three reasons why this may occur. First, the fuse to the electrical outlet may have blown or you may have popped a circuit. This is a problem you can repair on your own. Another reason why a washer won't start is that the lid switch is not functioning. This is easy and inexpensive for an appliance repair specialist to replace. Lastly, your motor may be worn. Motors are expensive to replace, so depending on the age and condition of your washing machine, it may or may not be worth it to replace. 

If you have a clothes-washing machine that is not working correctly, you should contact an appliance repair company that offers washer repair services. They can schedule an appointment to look at your washer and help you determine whether the problem can be repaired and/or whether it is cost-effective to repair the issue.