3 Signs Your Electric Stove Top Needs Repair

From heating up a tea kettle or frying bacon to boiling a large pot of water for pasta, your stove top is most likely an important, well-used appliance. Unfortunately, this appliance also goes through a great deal of abuse over time, meaning it may require a repair or replacement sooner rather than later. If you have an electric stove top, you may be wondering about certain issues preventing you from cooking in an effective and efficient manner. Here are a few signs your electric glass stove top needs repair.

Burner Not Lighting/Heating

One of the most obvious signs your stove top is in distress is if one or more burners are not lighting/heating up. This issue should be addressed immediately, since it will prevent you from cooking and preparing meals for your family.

If a single burner is not working, the actual heating element to this burner may be burned out, requiring a replacement. If you have multiple burners not heating up, there may be an electrical issue affecting the entire stove top.

Your best option is to consult an appliance technician who can check each burner and determine if there is an underlying electrical component that is faulty.

Pan Takes a Long Time to Heat Up

Another sign there is a problem with your stove top is if the pot or pan is taking a lot longer than usual to heat up. You may notice the oil in your pan is not cooking or the water in the pot is taking longer than usual to come to a rapid boil.

Check the burner to make sure it is lighting and heating up. If so, the pot or pan should also be heating up efficiently. Check the dial or control of the stove top to make sure it is on high and wait a few seconds to see if this helps speed up the cooking process. If the pot or pan is still not heating up, consult an appliance technician because the heating element or the actual burner may need to be replaced.

Glass Is Cracked in Multiple Areas

In some cases, multiple cracks in your glass stove top will prevent it from working properly. These cracks not only affect the stove's function, though. They can also affect its appeal and value.

Unfortunately, repairing the cracks is not actually effective. If you have multiple cracks, consider investing in a completely new stove top that is both functional and appealing. Contact an appliance repair service for more help.