Worried About Shop Hazards Around The Workplace? What To Buy Or Have Installed Now

If your shop is getting dated and you worry that you aren't properly prepared for an emergency, there are some things that you want to do to protect your business and the people that work for you. You don't want someone to get injured and realize you don't have the right type of equipment, or have a mechanical issue and no way to deal with it. Here are some things you have to invest the money in but are well worth the cost to keep people safe.

Better First Aid Response Equipment

Invest more money in your first aid supplies. Consider getting a back support stretcher, CPR mask, and other items besides some band-aids and gauze, so you can help someone who is injured if needed, and to help protect yourself against liability claims.

You want to know that if someone has a neck injury, if they can be moved safely by EMS, or if they cut themselves you have the right glue or butterfly strips to close the wound. An eye washing station is another cost worth the expense because it could save someone's vision.

Fire Sprinkler System

One person and a fire extinguisher may not be enough to put out a fire, and if there is a fire someone may have to get out of the building right away. Look into fire sprinkler system options so that the sprinklers come on when the fire alarm is triggered, or smoke is detected, to put out a fire no matter if people are in the shop or not.

Slip Resistant Runners

Throughout the shop, you want to have slip-resistant runners and mats. These aren't just cushioned for people to stand on when they are working long hours in the shop, but they are also going to prevent slip and fall accidents if the ground is wet from the weather or oils and fluids from machines. These are great for preventing work injuries.

These are basic items that may seem logical to have, but many workplaces don't have them. If you are missing any of these items and you are worried about someone getting hurt during the day, or something happening that causes an injury or a problem throughout the property, get them ordered or installed now. You may also want to have all of your staff members go through emergency training for injuries, fires, and other hazards that can occur around the workplace. 

Contact a company like Allied  Fire & Safety Equipment Co Inc for more information and assistance.