How To Replace Dishwasher Door Panels

If  the door panel on your dishwasher is cracked, you don't have to buy a new unit. It is possible to replace the door. However, it is essential you buy an approved manufacturer replacement part. 

You may have trouble finding  a replacement part for an older dishwasher. It is ideal to order direct from the manufacturer in the cases. Have the model number of your dishwasher ready when you order. 

Replacing the door is straightforward for a novice. Here are tips to replace a dishwasher door panel.

Prepare to Work

For this project, you need:

  • work gloves
  • freezer bag
  • Torx screwdriver or Phillips screwdriver
  • multimeter
  • replacement door panels

Shut of power by disconnecting the power cord, which s commonly plugged into the wall behind the unit. If the unit is built-in, shut it off from the breaker box. 

Dishwashers commonly run on a single pole 20-amp single-pole breaker. The breaker should be labeled. If it isn't labeled, turn on the dishwasher, and keep flipping breakers until it longer runs.  In older homes, you may need to remove a fuse instead.

Try to press a button on the control panel to very power is off. For further safety, run a multimeter over the service box  to ensure no current remains.

Remove the Old Door Panel

Open the door. The door usually has eight T10 or T15 Torx head screws or Philips screws. Use the Torx screwdriver or Phillips screwdriver  to detach screws.  

Hold the door once you get to the last two screws. In some case, you may need to loosen, but not remove the control panel screws. Store the screws in a freezer bag. 

Shut the door, and keep the palm of your hand on the outer door. It is essential you don't let the door fall, or it may break the wires. Raise the panel up and away from the unit; ensuring you don't snag any wires.  Set the old panel aside to discard.

Install the New Door Panel

Place the new door panel  on the  bottom rail. Press in the door until it is flush  with the door. Keep one hand on the panel as you open the door. You may prefer to get an assistant to help you hold the panel until you secure it.. 

Attach two screws to secure the panel. Check the wires as you install screws to ensure they don't get caught. Install the other screws, and tighten them by hand. Avoid making the connections too tight, or it may crack the panel.

Close the door, and restore the power. If you don't trust your skill, or the dishwasher doesn't operate properly, take it to an appliance repair service like Anderson's Appliance Repair Service.